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Electrical Services

We offer following expertise in Electrical services.

  • Coordinate with utility companies
  • Install Telco and electrical runs
  • Install site electrical service
  • Install and test ground rings
  • Cabinet integration
  • Decommission shelters, compounds, sites

Line and Antenna Services

We offer following expertise in Line and Antenna Services.

  • Install antenna and set azimuth
  • Pull and support coax
  • Install top and bottom jumpers
  • Install ice bridge, cable tray, cable ladder
  • Install ground kits, connectors and buss bars
  • Sweep test antenna system and in-line components
  • Clear site and compound of debris and dispose
  • Clear all punch list items and photograph...

Civil Services

We offer following expertise in Civil services.

  • Site preparation / earth work
  • Trenching for ground rings and test wells
  • Directional boring and core drilling
  • Install equipment and shelter pads
  • Trench Telco and electrical runs
  • Foundation / caissons
  • Power upgrade
  • Power plant swaps
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Cellular Capabilities

We have following cellular capabilities.

  • Project Management Services
  • LTE 4G upgrades
  • LTE GSM consolidation
  • Certified advanced PIM technology & equipment
  • Anritsu Certifications
  • 3rd Party inspections
  • Tiger Teams / Trouble shooting
  • Shelter / Site surveys
  • Tower Mapping
  • Deliverables
  • Close-out Documents
  • Co-locates
  • Water tower installs
  • Rooftop installs
  • UMTS / GSM upgrades
  • Antenna & Line change out
  • Q/A inspections
  • Line sweeps
  • Cabinet integration
  • Microwave installations
  • Microwave path alignments
  • Maintenance & trouble shooting

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